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Best Art Exhibitions In European Museums In 2020

Best Art Exhibitions In European Museums In 2020

From celebrating the year of Jan van Eyck and Beethoven, paying homage to some modern painters like Andy Warhol, to a big art show by Marina Abramović, there’s going to be something for everyone when it comes to art this year. To make a choice of which exhibition to visit for you a bit easier, I did a bit of research and made a list of ten best art exhibitions in European museums in 2020 you shouldn’t miss.

After having some significant art anniversaries and exhibitions dedicated to them in 2019, the beginning of 2020 is going to be marked by one of the best art exhibitions in European museums in 2020 – Van Eyck: An optical revolution. Many events are going to be organized throughout the year to celebrate the work of one of the most famous Flemish masters, Jan van Eyck (1390 – 1441). Around half of the work attributed to him is going to be on display at the exhibition, so it’s a unique chance to see most of his work in one place. 

Troy: Myth and reality

This exhibition is dedicated to one of the most exciting classical stories – the one of the Troy. Being inspired by the story that draws the attention of people all around the world for more than two millenniums, the British Museum in London explores what a myth is and what’s reality by showing classical art pieces, ancient sculptures, and some of the more contemporary works. It’s without a doubt one of the best art exhibitions in European museums in 2020, so if you happen to be in London this spring, be sure to visit it.


Another great exhibition organized this spring in London is going to be dedicated to a successful 17th-century Italian female painter Artemisia Gentileschi (1593 – 1654). Different aspects of her work are going to be presented during the exhibition. The museum is going to explore her role as a great artist, but also as a woman entrepreneur. Besides some of her very famous works, one of the highlights of the exhibition is going to be recently discovered painting ‘Self-portrait as Saint Catherine of Alexandria’ that’s going to be displayed in front of the public for the first time.

Kimono: Kyoto to Catwalk

With its focus on applied arts and crafts, the Victoria & Albert Museum in London is going to be home to one of the most interesting European exhibitions in 2020. Celebrating one of the best-known symbols of Japan, they are going to explore its social, artistic, and fashion influence. More than three hundred works will be displayed at the exhibition, showcasing some very traditional pieces from Japan, to some contemporary examples created by famous fashion designers like Yves Saint Laurent or Alexander McQueen.

Beethoven Moves

Austria is celebrating one of its most famous composers, Ludwig van Beethoven, this year. To join this homage, Kunsthistorisches Museum and the archive of the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Vienna are organizing a fascinating exhibition. Beethoven’s music was inspirational to generations of artists and people from all walks of life. So they decided to present works of art by some famous artists like Caspar David Friedrich, William Turner, Francisco Goya, and Auguste Rodin. All of it accompanied by some of the beautiful Beethoven music. If you’d like to see how one artist inspired generations of others, be sure to visit this exhibition.