The Academic Society “ARTS-SCIENCES-LETTRES,” an association born in 1915 under the aegis of René FLAMENT, has been awarded by the French Academy and is under the patronage of the President of the Republic.

It rewards women and men of all nationalities who have distinguished themselves in the arts (painting, sculpture, music, architecture …), the sciences (medicine, biology, physics …) and letters (writers, historians. ..).

The academic society “ARTS-SCIENCES-LETTRES” occupies since its creation a privileged place in the encouragement and the promotion of art, culture, and the Francophonie.

It encourages and defends creators and outstanding talents in these disciplines.

With a network of Delegates in France and around the world, it recruits in

intellectual, professional, social activities. It has an impact which has earned it a particularly large volume of Shareholders in terms of the range of Associations under the 1901 law.

Thus each year, “ARTS-SCIENCES-LETTERS” awards Medal Diplomas by decision of its Superior Awards Commission following the application files established and presented in accordance with the Regulations.

These Medal Diplomas (bronze, pewter, silver, vermeil, gold) are awarded when

of a solemn ceremony which takes place within the framework of the Great Annual Festival, followed by an honor dinner, and takes place in a prestigious establishment, in Paris.

The recipients of the annual Grand Gold Medals and Grand Vermeil Medals are chosen by the Board of Directors.

In a biennial cycle, and alternately, the Grand Prix des Lettres (classical and free poetry, storytelling, short story) and the “ARTS-SCIENCES-LETTERS” fair of plastic art (painting, sculpture, engraving, etc.) are organized. They are subject to specific regulations.

In addition, an Information Book titled “Radiation” is distributed 3 times a year. The Academic Society “ARTS-SCIENCES-LETTRES” is a rotunda of Culture.